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" The Hunter is highly intuitive and user friendly - Niloosoft is a true buisiness partner, and thanks to their recruitment system we are definately attaining our objectives "

" personnel can take advantage of all the Hunter EDGE's automatic CV filing and searching capabilities to find the best suited candidate for the relevant position - the fast, professional service provided by Niloosoft employees answered every request and question we had "

 " Our organization advertises more than 100 vacant positions every year - We use the Hunter EDGE to effectively manage the recruitment process - Using the system is easy and convenient "

 " We piloted and graded four systems to find out which would best fulfill our requirements. based on its ease of use, SAP integration, speed,  accessibility and support - Niloosoft obtained the highest ratings "

" Looking back, this was a great decision- the system has significantly changed the placement process, making it faster and more focused and effective -The Hunter EDGE is the most convenient user friendly system I know "

"  I love the fact  that the The Hunter EDGE is a web based system that allows the user to access it from any computer, anywhere in the world. Working via the Internet meant that no servers or hardware would need to be installed. Niloosoft follow the most stringent security standards "

" I selected the Hunter EDGE because it perfectly suited our needs as a placement agency - Its ability to recruit directly from social networks and through my company's website is simple,  beneficial, and gets me the better candidates "

" After examining and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of a number of systems, our experience led us to select Niloosoft's Hunter EDGE -This system has proven itself to be better than all the others and provided an excellent solution to all our needs "

" I have been working in the placement industry for 20 years - I am familiiar with every system out there and after a comprehensive examination I chose Niloosoft Hunter EDGE to be my recruitment system "

" Thanks to the Hunter EDGE system, I have had the opportunity to manage the recruitment process and hire employees quickly, effectively and easily  "

  " Maintaining our database on a cloud was appealing, and the option of interfacing witth LinkedIn and job ad websites attracted our attention as a tremendous advantage "

 " The Hunter EDGE does not require any maintenance or storage on our part - the system is internet based, which allows our employees to work from home if needed "

" As a user of the Hunter EDGE recruitment system on a daily basis, I am very pleased with its simple and practical nature - I like the fast response provided by Niloosoft's technical support team, which is always available for questions and solutions "

" Managers' cooperation is important - they are part of the filtering process. The manager now turns into a full-fledged participant in the recruitment process -

the Hunter EDGE system's ROI has certainly proven itself "

"  Hunter EDGE is the appropriate solution - effective, fast, high quality recruitment process- Hunter EDGE is convenient, user friendly and easy to operate, and even if something is not understood, there is always someone to ask "


" The fact the search is also done on LinkedIn was a major factor in the decision to choose Niloosoft

Compared to other systems,  Niloosoft's user interface is more convenient and the number of filter subsets that can be used has been amazing and definitely worth it " 


" I'm happy to recommend the Niloosoft system,  In short, the software provides a comprehensive solution to our  company's recruitment needs "

" Our career website was completely developed by Niloosoft- was the first of its kind- capable of analyzing resumes online - the Hunter system has improved Rafael's recruitment process as far as speed, efficiency and organization- and has saved us money "

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