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Raphael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., a company that develops and manufactures advanced defense systems, together with Elbit Systems Ltd. focusing on developing, marketing and integrating advanced electronic and electro optical security systems for customers around the world, have each created a new career website.
 Raphael currently employs about 7000 people.
Its career website was created by Niloosoft, a company specializing in developing advanced recruitment software and career websites, and displays some unique capabilities.
As opposed to other recruitment and placement websites where the applicant is required to manually type their CV information into the various fields, on Raphael's new recruitment website applicants are only required to attach their CV to the website directly. The system "disassembles" the CV, automatically sorts the applicant's information into the required fields, creates a candidate card, and displays it online.
The website's artificial intelligence can perform these processes regardless of the CV's format. This technology saves the candidate a great deal of time and the need to retype all of the information contained in their CV.
According to Nirit A, Raphael's Recruitment Director, the advanced website launched by Raphael provides a solution for Raphael's growth trend and makes things easier for the many applicants seeking to be employed by the company. This is an important step in the additional streamlining of Raphael's recruitment processes, as the company hires hundreds of new employees every year.
Locating good candidates and preventing brain drain in a company are a great challenge faced by organizations. The use of the advanced technologies developed by Niloosoft saves job seekers the negative and frustrating "user experience" most of us must go through when forced to repeatedly fill in application forms on different career websites.
Following are the URL's of Raphael and Elbit's websites as well as other career websites developed by Niloosoft:

Raphael’s career website

Elbit’s career website

Nova's website :  internal website (member get member and internal position changes):      |     external website

and more:    retalix     |    memad3

These websites were developed by Niloosoft and conform to the highest technological standards. They were designed according to the companies' specifications and match their other websites design themes.
Job / career websites are suitable for organizations of different sizes specializing in a large variety of fields.

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